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Drona Bahadur Shrestha

Head Teacher


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Message From Head Teacher

Dear Guardians, Teachers and Students, At the very outset, I, on behalf of the entire school family, would like to express my best wishes and well-being to you all, on the eve of "Happy New Year 2080 B.S". As the head teacher of Himalaya Secondary School, I have gained the confidence of the conscious guardians, the cooperation and the results- oriented altruistic effort of my dedicated teaching and non-teaching staffs as well as the sincere love and respect of my dear students. Because of this, we were able to win the confidence of the government to enlist our school as a model school. As a result the Government to Nepal, Ministry for Education, Science and Technology has recognized this school as a Model School, -a school which will have strong infrastructures equipped with latest technology and innovation in pedagogy, with highest academic output and a strong visionary administrative and dedicated academic team. Now it has been regarded as the best academic hub-a single choice for thousands of students where they see this school as the only gateway for their bright future. The dream of making technically developed model institute lies on our shoulders. It is an opportunity in one way and a challenge in another way to transform this dream into reality. It will be possible if only the entire school family work family work jointly and walk together with a single motto-to develop our school as an oasis of educational hub for thousands of anxious hearts who are eager to enroll their children in this school. This change is impossible unless we change ourselves by changing our views, our habit and our practices within and out of the classrooms because "The Future of the Worlds is in the Classroom Today". We can't forget the contribution of our respected retired head teachers and senior teachers, members of the managing body and all the guardians and stakeholders who are directly or indirectly related with our school in molding it to its present form and situation. The supportive hands of the generous minds of local citizens and the donor agencies are always in our hearts and memory. Thank you all.

Drona Bdr. Shrestha

Head Teacher